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5 Practical Reasons to Maintain Your Lawn in Cherokee County, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on May 4, 2019 9:40:09 PM

There are two sides to the spectrum of lawn care. On the extreme side, there are people out there hand picking undesirable grass blades and fluffing their lawn regularly with a leaf blower. On the complacent side, there are lawns ridden with dandelions and crabgrass. It is arguable if either side of the spectrum has better prioritization, but must people fall somewhere in between these two extremes.


5 Practical Reasons to Maintain Your Lawn

1. Current and Future Neighbors:

One of the biggest reasons to maintain your lawn from a practical sense is your current and future neighbors. Most neighbors appreciate looking at a well-manicured neighborhood. Now, it’s none of their business if its perfect, but it shouldn’t be an eyesore. Moreover, if your neighbors move, you want to attract good new neighbors. That may not happen if they think they’re moving into a rough neighborhood. If you just can’t do it, invest in a low-maintenance front yard (gravel and plants that require very little water). Make the front of your home look acceptable to keep your current neighbors satisfied and your future neighbors decent.

2. Noxious Weeds:

Depending on where you live, a poorly maintained lawn may become a noxious weed haven. We’re not talking dandelions, although they’ll move in too. We’re talking about sticker weeds with painful burs that will eliminate any hope of barefoot walks through the yard. Not to mention, you are working against a Federal initiative to control noxious weeds across the nation.

3. Dust:

Let’s get real basic with a good reason to maintain your lawn. If you have dry grass and a dusty lawn, that dust is going to blow right in your open window or front door. If you want your indoors to match your outdoors, it will soon enough when the dust moves in.

4. Trash and Dog Doo:

If you have a lot of foot traffic near your yard, then you’ve probably experienced a little trash or dog doo on your grass. It’s ridiculously disrespectful, but it will happen more often if your yard isn’t maintained. People simply don’t feel bad about adding trash to a yard that nobody cares about. Their dogs might as well use it as a toilet instead of the nice green yard down the street.

5. Image:

Lastly, a yard that is left to grow wild gives off a poor image about your respect for your property. This can correctly or incorrectly lead to assumptions about your respect for yourself and others. You may think it is nobody’s business, but your image could result in other negative outcomes such as loss of friends or even profiling from law enforcement.

The take home message is that you may feel you have the right to care for your yard in any way you see fit or not at all. While this is technically true, it is impractical to let your yard go completely. You won’t like the results.


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