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Choosing mulch in Marietta, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jun 6, 2019 9:43:33 PM

A perfectly-edged garden does not look finished until mulch is added, but there are many types of mulch, and it can be difficult to choose one. There are many colors and textures, and if you don’t like it, it’s difficult to change. Therefore, it is worth doing a little research before you go out and buy a load of mulch for your gardens.



There are basically three colors of mulch: black, brown, and red. The color you pick should look good up against your home, but it should also reflect the style of your landscape design. Browns and reds are more traditional and look good on older homes. Blacks look elegant and modern. However, these are not steadfast rules. Each yard has its own, unique environment, and sometimes black looks amazing on older homes and vice versa. Pinterest or Google is a great place to check out landscaping photos and get an idea of how it will look on a property like yours.

Types of mulch:

There are multiple types of mulch that are suitable for different situations. They all have different appearances, but they also last different lengths of time. Go for a look that you like, but consider the upkeep.

  • Shredded bark: Shredded bark is what many people think of when someone uses the word ‘mulch.’ It has a medium size, and it holds together nicely, so it won’t wash away on slopes. Shredded bark decomposes faster than other types of mulch, but it also adds nutrients to the ground as it composts, creating an added benefit.
  • Pine straw: Pine straw isn’t something you see all over the U.S., but it is readily used in the South. This type of mulch also locks together, and it is slower to break down. It has a unique look, and acid-loving plants love this type of mulch.
  • Bark nuggets: Bark nuggets are larger in size, but this means they last. They are better for flat areas because they don’t interlock. The biggest advantage to this type of mulch is that it doesn’t have to be replenished as frequently as shredded bark.
  • Rocks: Obviously, rocks are not mulch, but they are often used in place of mulch as a low-maintenance alternative because they definitely don’t have to be replaced. With this in mind, they also offer no nutrients, and they are difficult to remove. If you are absolutely sure you want them, it’s not a bad option.

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