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Clean Tools Make Beautiful Yards

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jun 7, 2019 11:54:28 PM

You may not think it matters if you clean your tools. If they are sharp, they should work, right? However, cleaning your lawn tools not only keeps them functional for a longer amount of time, but it improves the health of your lawn.



Let’s say you lend your mower to a neighbor, and they have a few weeds in their lawn. They return it, and you use it like you normally would. Three weeks later, you have a weed infestation. It’s because you let that mower back into your yard before it was cleaned. You have probably seen underneath your mower when removing the bag or sharpening the blade. It’s dirty! And the debris under your mower will contain weed contaminants if that is what it had mowed.

Less Maintenance

Maybe your yard is weed-free, and you don’t loan your tools. That seems pretty reasonable, at least the not loaning tools part. You should still clean your tools! Dirty shovels that are allowed to remain moist and rust in sheds are not going to stay sharp. Dirty wooden handles will break down over time and lead to dry, splintery handles.

Keep Your Shop Clean

If nothing else, the state of your shop or tool shed should be enough to warrant cleaning your tools. Dirty mowers share their dirt with the environment. Dirty shovels do the same. If you don’t want to be sweeping and dusting your storage area on a regular basis, it is best to at least rinse off your tools before you store them. Tip: Make sure they are dry before you store them, so they don’t rust.

Clean Tools Make Beautiful Yards

If you don’t think clean tools are important, but you want a beautiful yard, then you are in for a world of disappointment. Cleanliness in your yard is reflected by the upkeep of your tools. I would venture to guess that no beautiful landscaping development was ever coupled with dirty tool sheds and weed-spreading mowers. The type of person that runs the hose over their lawnmower blade is also the type of person that pulls that errant weed before it spreads. It is an entire theme that you create surrounding your lawn care.

It is also about pride, and pride can be motivating. If you don’t have pride in your lawn, then you probably have dirty tools. It could be equated to cleaning your grill or even doing the dishes. If you have simple pride, it will be done, and you’ll have a beautiful yard as a result.


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