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How to Repair a Dead Spot in Your Lawn

Posted by Christine Crandall on May 25, 2019 12:10:02 AM

Grass dies for so many reasons that it is difficult to predict why it would happen to yours. However, when it does happen, there is a proper way to fix it, so you don’t have a recurrence. If you choose to sod a damaged spot in your grass, it can look as good as new in one day…if you do it right. Whether you seed or sod, repairing a dead spot in your yard is something you can do on your own or with the help of a professional lawn care service.

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How to Repair a Dead Spot in Your Lawn

1. Investigate:

Figure out why you have a dead spot. If you have poor drainage, insect damage, or any number of other things going wrong, it has to be fixed before you can repair your lawn. In the case of poor drainage or other soil trouble, you may have to dig out and dispose of the bad dirt.

2. Add new soil:

When you add new soil, it should be a good blend of top soil, sand, and compost, so you will have good drainage and any poor quality soil will be removed. This dirt must be tamped down, but don’t compact it too much, so the roots will grow into it easily. Fill the hole you are patching up to one inch below grade.

3. Seed or sod:

If you seed, it will take months before your patch job blends in with the rest of your yard, but it is an option. The quicker option is to lay sod. Make sure the sod is cut to fit tightly into the lawn, and it will blend in immediately. Also, make sure you are patching with the same type of grass, or no amount of proper fitting will make it match.

4. Water:

For both newly seeded grass and newly sodded grass, you initially must water twice a day. As grass grows, watering can be adjusted. For sod, two weeks of thorough watering should be enough to do the trick.

Once your lawn is repaired, you will have a lush carpet of grass that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Like all grass, it will need proper maintenance, but its beauty will endure if you follow the steps above. Patching a dead spot in your lawn can be done in DIY fashion, but if you aren’t sure why the dead spot occurred, contact a lawn specialist and find out what’s going on before trying to seed or sod.


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