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June is a Busy Month for Bermudagrass in Dunwoody, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on May 13, 2019 9:20:55 AM

Bermudagrass is a warm season grass, so June is a good month to perform multiple maintenance activities. From fertilizing to aeration, bermudagrass is actively growing during these months and can handle the maintenance required to make it remain beautiful throughout most of the year. Here are the activities to consider for bermudagrass in June according to the University of Georgia Extension Office:

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

June Bermudagrass Activities:

1. Fertilize

Bermudagrass is not ready for nitrogen until soil temps are consistently 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. That makes May, June, and July safe months to apply fertilizer and green up that lawn. Make sure you are following the guidelines of your soil test performed by your local extension office.

2. Aerate

Early summer is a great time to aerate bermudagrass because it is actively growing. Active growing seasons are the most important times for grass roots to get nutrients. Aeration gives roots access to oxygen, water, and nutrients.

3. Dethatch

Dethatching the yard initially does damage, which is why it is important to do it while grass is actively growing. If it is dormant, the grass may not be able to recover.

4. Seed new lawn

Temperatures must be above 80 degrees in order for successful seeding of bermudagrass lawns, which is why June is a good month for it.

5. Sod

Because sod is disrupted grass, it is best to lay it during an active growing season. Much like dethatching the yard, disrupting the root systems is something that is better done when the grass can quickly repair itself.

6. Weed control

Post-emergence weed control, such as that used for crabgrass, is good to apply during early summer months. Better to do it early, while the grass is strong. Weed control may further damage grass that is weakened by late summer dry conditions.

Bermudagrass is one of the most popular types of grass grown in Georgia and many other southern areas of the United States because it is well-suited for the weather conditions of the south. This does not mean it does not require a little work to make soft turf you can walk barefoot on all summer.

Follow the guidelines of your local extension office, or communicate with a local lawn care company to get the best results for your Georgian lawn. They will know the details of your area and ensure that your timing is perfect for all of your lawn maintenance. 


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