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Modern Lawn Décor

Posted by Christine Crandall on May 30, 2019 3:11:07 PM

Once you get your lawn situated and growing thick and soft in the right soil conditions, it’s time to have a little fun by adding some yard décor! This does not mean you need to add pinwheels or that iconic couple bent over in the garden with their derrieres hanging out. Lawn décor can be modern and tasteful.

1. Windmill

They may not conjure images of modernity, but there are modern and artistic versions of windmills that add beauty to your outdoor décor. Don’t think antique - think of spinning expressions of art.

2. Torches

You have to think outside of the box when making law décor modern. Torches are no longer tiki torches or camp torches. They are now LED lights in all shapes and sizes that can line walkways or accent areas of the yard with light.

3. Wind spinners

Wind spinners and windmills can fall into similar categories when they’re under the umbrella heading of modern law décor. However, the wind spinners we are talking about are like hanging mobiles for the lawn that move in the breeze. They can be hung from trees or lawn structures.

4. Statues

Antique statues of Greek gods and goddesses are beautiful in the right type of yard, but the modern yard needs straight lines and dramatic shapes. Statues may also be fountains.

5. Wind chimes

Modern wind chimes are big, and they make beautiful, soft, deep music. They aren’t the clangy, annoying garden chimes your grandmother once had. Most large chimes are hung from rooftops, but they can also be hung from trees or other lawn structures.

6. Gazing globes

Gazing globes blend into the flower garden, but they also reflect light and color. They become the star of the garden and highlight the beauty of each plant. Just make sure they’re windproof!

7. Metal wall art

Wall art can be hung on the side of houses, outdoor structures, or fences. When they are made from metal, they add a more natural feel to the place, and they can be very modern depending on the design.


8. Bird bath

Bird baths with straight lines instead of Victorian detail create a modern statue wherever they are placed, and they keep your wildlife hydrated.

9. Rain chain

Rain chains are a fun way to remove a gutter downspout and still have water travel along its allotted path. They can be very artistic, or they can be industrial. They are effective and beautiful wet or dry.

10. Bird feeder

Lastly, bird feeders don’t have to clash with your modern landscaping. Most modern bird feeders are round, and they have a simplistic design that blends with any modern backdrop.


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