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Refresh Your Knowledge of Common Summer Lawn Diseases in Johns Creek, GA (Pt. 1)

Posted by Greenfeet Lawncare on May 12, 2018 11:00:00 AM

dollarspotThere are a lot of things that can go wrong with your lawn, so it is best to read up on potential problems so you are prepared. Many lawn and garden enthusiasts are familiar with the common summer lawn diseases that may infect their lawn, but it always a good thing to refresh that knowledge as we look forward into another summer of another year here in John's Creek, GA. Knowing what to look for and the signs of particular diseases can help you catch a disease early on and keep it from destroying your entire lawn!


Summer Patch

This particular disease is caused by a fungus that will kill your turf by rotting away the roots of your plants. You may notice crescent shaped areas that turn light green or brown, and then fade to a tan. Summer patch is often a problem that occurs in Georgia lawns about June or July. Having very hot weather, drought, and high levels of humidity all increase the chances that your lawn might contract that fungus responsible for summer patch.


Dollar Spot

dollarspot at a distanceAre you noticing some areas of your lawn that look like they have light brown spots? Spots can be as small as a quarter or as big as silver dollars. Maybe the spots are starting to merge or run together and the straw colored areas are getting bigger and look even worse. If you see this phenomenon happening, don’t wait, you should consult with a lawn care specialist because you just might have dollar spot. Dollar spot isn’t too picky about when it will infect your grass, so watch out for it most of the year.


More About "Dollar Spot" 


You may notice some signs and symptoms in your lawn that are similar to disease but are not actually caused by a fungus or disease. A common concern is the brown, dead-looking spots that come from dogs frequently urinating in the same locations. It is best to rule out other factors before getting too stressed about your lawn having a disease!


There are a few more diseases that are quite common for Georgia lawns to experience or are at least susceptible to that homeowners should be aware of. Check out the second part of this blog to learn about them!

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