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Shady Areas: What Grass Will Do Well in Atlanta?

Posted by Greenfeet Lawncare on Nov 18, 2017 11:02:00 AM

shady areas.jpgIf you have a backyard that has a lot of shade, from trees, your house, bushes, or other things, you have probably had a hard time growing a good cover of grass in that area. This is because grass really likes the sun. Some grass types will not grow in areas that are shaded during even only a few hours or so a day. If you do get some grass to grow, you may notice it seems straggly or uneven.


This kind of a lawn struggle can be particularly frustrating for homeowners that enjoy having shade trees and or fruit trees on the property but also want a nice carpet of turf grass to go with it. If this sounds like something you have been dealing with, check out the different grass types below that do better with shaded areas than others. Don’t forget, grass needs sunlight to grow, so no type of grass will thrive or even grow in areas that receive no light, there are just different types of grass that are more tolerant to the shade than others.


Poa Bluegrass

A great option for highly shaded areas, poa bluegrass may be the best of the shade resistant grass types. It is distinctive in its light green color which makes it a bad seed to mix together with other darker grass types, but a great option for areas that don’t get lots of sunlight. Check out the details of this awesome shade grass at your local lawn care business.


Red Creeping Fescue, Tall Fescue, and Hard Fescue

What a name! This grass is a good option for the shady areas of your property. It has the ability to establish itself even in areas that are considered fairly deeply shaded areas. Red creeping fescue has a medium to dark green color, despite its misleading name! This type of grass also does well in soil that is not highly fertile.


Tall fescue and hard fescue are other options in the fescue family if you are looking for around medium shade resistant grasses. They are often used in mixtures of other grasses and are well known for being resistant to foot traffic as well.


Centipede Grass and Carpet Grass

These are warm season grasses that grow well while the climate is warm. They are often used in areas that only get a small amount of shade. Check out these seed types if you are having trouble in areas that get an hour or two of shade every day.

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