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The Advantages of Electric Lawn Tools

Posted by Christine Crandall on Apr 27, 2019 11:20:19 PM

Most gas-powered items have a “green” counterpart that claims to do the same task with the same power and ability as its gas-powered doppelganger. Yet, electric power tools have a reputation for being less-than-equal. This is no longer the truth that it was when electric lawnmowers and other lawn tools became popular. In fact, there are many advantages to electric lawn tools.

5 Advantages of Electric Lawn Tools

1. Quiet:

Whether it is a weed-eater or a mower, you will barely hear it if it is electric. The early morning weekend sounds of diligent homeowners is not the disturbance it once was for those who enjoy sleeping in.

2. Easy:

There’s no choke or gas mixtures to deal with when you are running electric. All you need is a charged battery, and in most cases, the push of a button. It doesn’t die (until the battery dies), and it won’t stall or run at low idle. It is very simple. They also don’t have to be winterized.

3. Cost-effective:

The initial cost of electric lawn equipment is higher than most gas-powered products. However, once you have enough batteries, you no longer have to spend money on things like gas and oil. Maintenance on electric lawn equipment involves keeping it moderately clean and keeping charged batteries.

gas lawnmower

4. Clean:

You don’t smell like gasoline with electric. Ever. This is almost worth it alone. It makes mowing and weed-eating a fairly clean process that can be done without having to take a shower afterward.

5. Eco-friendly:

Of course, the biggest advantage of electric lawn tools is that they are eco-friendly. In fact, they may be a requirement before they become equal to gas-powered equipment out of a concern for growing climate change. It is understandable to want the best equipment to do your yard work, but at what cost? In this respect, equipment that emits less carbon is the better product.

While it is true that gas-powered mowers last longer and cut a little better than electric mowers, the difference is becoming negligible. Until electric mowers reach the full potential of gas, they may not become the first choice for power tool fanatics, but they are certainly a suitable alternative for the earth-conscientious consumer.

Many electric lawn mowers use the same battery as their weed-eater, so the companies that make these products are trying to make them appeal to more people. If you are unsure about whether or not you can make the switch, find a way to try one out. They aren’t as powerful as gas mowers, but you may not notice the difference.


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