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The Month of May Zoysia Activities in Sandy Spring, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Apr 26, 2019 9:06:59 PM

Warm weather grasses are different than cool weather grasses especially in the time frame that you are supposed to do certain things like aeration, fertilization, and planting. It is difficult to get everything right, but thankfully the University of Georgia Extension has made a calendar for you. Here are things that the calendar says are best to start in May. Most of them have a multi-month range, but it always helps to get a head start on planning.

Zoysia Activities to Start in May

1. Fertilize

If you haven’t had your soil tested yet, take a sample down to your local extension office. They will give you exact recommendations about what your soil needs and when to apply it. May through August are good fertilizer times according to the calendar.

2. Aerate

Because May through August is Zoysia’s active growth season, it is a good time to aerate. Aeration may take away from some of the beauty of the lawn, but it will fill back in quickly and be much healthier. Putting small holes throughout your yard allows water, air, and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. It also prevents things like fungus or mildew.

3. Seed new lawn

It is best to seed new Zoysia lawns in May or June. Zoysia lawns are established slowly, so seeding is not the most common method. It is more common to start it with plugs or sod. But it can be done, and May is the time to try it.

4. Sodding new lawn

May through August are appropriate times to start a Zoysia lawn from sod, so you have time. However, prepping the ground for sod can take time, especially if you’re doing it in your free time. The quicker you get started, the quicker you’ll get your insta-yard.

5. Post-emergent herbicide

Lastly, May through August are good times to apply post-emergent herbicides for grass-like weeds as opposed to broadleaf weeds. This will help prevent crabgrass and other annoying grassy weed intruders.



Zoysia grass is heat and drought tolerant, and it is an excellent choice for many Georgians who are looking for a lush carpet of rich, green grass in their lawns. However, it requires maintenance just like everything else. Following the University of Georgia Extension’s calendar is a great way to keep on top of all the tasks, so you can have a yard to walk barefoot in.


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