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The Truth about Controlling POA

Poa Annua or Annual Bluegrass is a ugly,  difficult to control, winter annual weed in your Atlanta dormant bermuda lawn. This weed spreads millions for seeds each year that can infest a lawn if not treated. That being said, lawn care companies for years could never get good control of this weed no matter what we did, because the weed controls available did next to nothing to control them. Over the past 10 years weed controls have improved and we typically get 6 months worth of pre-emergent control. Now you might say that is pretty good, right?

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Depending on your personality and your lifestyle, you may have previously hired a lawn care company, thought about it, or won’t even consider it because you like doing lawn care. Whatever your previous thoughts on hiring out your lawn care service to a professional agency, we have put together the top reasons we have found that people like to hire professionals.

1. Professionals know what they are doing

2. Save time

3. Stay on Schedule

4. Cost

5. Better Pest Control

6. Individualized And Extensive Services


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Simplify Lawn Watering in Alpharetta, GA

Don’t complicate the lawn watering process. It does not need to be an everyday chore, and your lawn requires the same amount of water year round.

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