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Earthworms: Why You Want Them in Your Atlanta Lawn.

Posted by Mark Nannenhorn on Mar 19, 2018 8:25:00 AM
Mark Nannenhorn
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Worms might not be the most fabulous looking creatures, but they do some important work for nature and for your Atlanta, Georgia lawn and garden. Maybe you don’t believe it yet, perhaps because all you can think of when youearthworm-686593_1280.jpg hear about worms is when your brother or cousin chased you around with them when you were younger, but check out some of the fascinating information about earthworms below and you will likely change your tune.


First of all, worms are actually pretty interesting creatures despite their slightly bland or slimy appearance. Earthworms journey through the soil with no hands or tools to help them, essentially doing some intense charity work for the soil and nearby plants. While most people think of things such as yard work, weeding, fertilizing and other mundane tasks related to increasing plant and lawn vitality, what you might really need is to get some earthworms. Still not sold on the idea of how earthworms might be just the thing to help you turn your lawn or garden around? We will get more scientific to help you understand just how amazing these creatures are.

 What are these Dirt Mounds?

Earthworms burrow through the soil, typically in the first eight or so inches but they can go down to nearly six or so feet! As they go through the soil creating tunnels and doing their business, they loosen up the soil which is hugelydirt mound.jpg beneficial to plants that are trying to grow in compacted or dense soil. As the worms dive deep and create these winding tunnels, the plants can stretch their roots further and develop a better root system. Some roots will even grow through the very tunnels because there is the least resistance there. This expanded root system allows plants to reach more nutrients and water in the soil, increasing their hardiness.

 3 Main Benefits of Worms

As they crawl through the soil, worms can eat up to half their body weight in organic materials that are then digested in the worms gizzard and then excreted in the form of worm castings which are nitrogen rich and beneficial to the soil and to the plants that are growing in that soil. Plus, as a worm winds its way through the soil, particles of the soil it has traversed through are carried with it. This is beneficial in that worms are mixing the soil and bringing nutrients from place to place, making them more accessible to plants.


Try something new this year and introduce earthworms to your lawn and garden, you might be surprised at the results!

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