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Rolling Your Lawn in Milton, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on May 13, 2020 1:25:00 PM

People are always looking for alternative methods to beautify their lawn. The perfect lawn is green, thick, and even. How one achieves that is a different road for each person. One thing that many people struggle with is keeping their lawn even, which is why they consider rolling their lawn. 

What is rolling your lawn? 

Rolling your lawn is sort of like taking an asphalt roller into the yard and trying to flatten the lawn. An asphalt roller would probably be more effective in flattening the soil, but it might kill your grass. 

Instead, a lawn roller is typically filled with sand or water to make it heavy enough to flatten the ground. There are hand-pushed varieties and motorized. They have a roller that is similar in appearance to a commercial street roller, but they aren’t as heavy. 

Why should you roll your lawn? 

Lawn rollers are used for multiple circumstances. They may be applied to soil prior to laying sod to make sure there is an even application. They may also be used following a seeding to make sure the seeds are pressed into the soil. They are also used to repair damaged lawns. This damage can occur from frost, pests, or human damage. Lastly, ball field turf maintenance crews often use rollers to even the ground for its sporting participants. 

Is lawn rolling effective? 

You will get a different opinion from various people in regard to lawn rolling, and that is because it depends on its application. If your lawn is in rough shape, and you have many dips and hills in it, it’s probably more effective to topdress and overseed your lawn. If your lawn is in great shape, it could give it the help it needs to reach perfection. Of course, it has other applications such as for sodding and seeding. If you are going to use it to level your lawn, you’ll probably get some improvement. 

An Even Lawn is a Healthy Lawn

Overall, the healthier and thicker your lawn is, the more even it will be. Keep your lawn aerated and fertilized, and you’re unlikely to run into as many problems that would require topdressing or lawn rolling. If you are a lawn care enthusiast who must try everything, lawn rolling is a possible way to achieve the perfect lawn. Just remember, there are other ways.


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