Aeration and Seeding for Tall Fescue

Aeration and Overseed (Fescue Only)

The scorching heat of summer can have a detrimental impact on fescue grass, resulting in thin turf and unsightly bald patches in your yard.

Fortunately, fall is the prime growing season for fescue, making it the ideal time for Aeration and Overseed.

Aeration and Overseed work wonders in thickening fescue grass and filling in any unsightly bald patches that may have emerged. This comprehensive service includes core aeration, high-quality fescue seed, a starter fertilizer, and lime to ensure optimal results.

Core aeration involves the meticulous process of creating small holes in your lawn by extracting plugs of soil. This allows for enhanced water, oxygen, and nutrient penetration to the roots of your grass, promoting deeper root growth and bolstering your lawn's resistance to drought and disease. Aeration also combats compaction and improves overall drainage.

By combining the power of core aeration and overseeding, Greenfeet ensures that the fescue seed, starter fertilizer, and lime seamlessly infiltrate the aeration holes. This creates a nourishing, well-balanced, and loose soil environment for the seeds to sprout and thrive.

The outcome? A lush, vibrant lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.