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2020 Awesome Gadgets for Your Johns Creek, GA Lawn and Garden

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jun 4, 2020 4:39:12 PM

Father’s Day is coming up, which is an excellent time to check out lawn and garden gadgets. The following list contains a few awesome 2020 gadgets involving lawn and garden care. They aren’t all new this year, but they are all sure to please that gadget lover in all of us. 

2020 Awesome Gadgets for Your Johns Creek, GA Lawn and Garden


  1. Time-Lapse Camera: Watching the grass grow is synonymous with boring and dull activities, but it isn’t either if you have a time-lapse camera. Make sure you have an outdoor type made for gardens and grass, and see the benefits of your hard work at a pace worth watching. 
  2. Robot Lawn Mower Garage: A robotic lawn mower is too obvious to put on our list of awesome lawn and garden gadgets, but did you know that you can have a garage for your lawn mower? The available garages are very decorative, and you can pick one to suit the overall appearance of your landscape. 
  3. Garden Groomer: If you struggle with keeping your shrubs perfectly manicured, invest in a garden groomer or automatic shearer. These hedge trimmers work wonders on shrubs, as long as you make sure you are only trimming twigs and branches with a small diameter. 
  4. Power Pruner: Ever get a hand-cramp trying to prune your trees and bushes? Not if you have a power pruner! This tool is perfect for anyone, but it especially helps if you have arthritis or hand weakness. They can also be put on extension poles to reach high branches. 
  5. Spiral Hole Driller: There is a drill bit out there that works as an auger to drill holes to get your plants in the ground. Necessary? Maybe not. But it sure is awesome!
  6. Auto Doggy Doo Collector or Composter: Many people go about picking up doggy doo the wrong way. It can be gadgetized. Check out the Beetl lawn robot that picks up doggy doo in the yard like a Roomba vacuums your house. Also, don’t throw it in the garbage. Compost it! In-ground compost solutions make it easy.
  7. Garden Bot: Garden robots have become very complicated, but you don’t need to know about how they were developed. These robots can assess whether or not a plant needs water and supply that water. Some can even scare away animals who may consider eating your plants. They’re solar powered, so you can set them up and forget about your garden without worry.

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