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Benefits of Mulching in Johns Creek.

Posted by Greenfeet Lawncare on Feb 3, 2017 7:00:35 PM

Mulching your garden or flowerbeds can be one of the best things you can do to care for your plants, if done correctly.mulch.jpg To break it down to simple terms, mulch is just a protective layer-of something-spread over your soil. Mulches can be organic or inorganic depending on what you use for your mulch.


Happily, you can use things from your own yard as mulch. You can use grass clippings to mulch your garden or flowerbeds, although you may prefer something more aesthetically pleasing for your flowerbeds. Depending on where you live and your access, straw or hay can be used to mulch your garden effectively. Leaves or compost are other great options for mulching, as well. If you are looking for more of that finished, landscaped type of look for the area you are mulching you can purchase bark chips or composted bark. Depending on the type of bark and size of the chips, this kind of mulching can last up to a few years.


So what are the benefits of mulching other than your flowerbed or garden looks a little cleaner? To start, mulch helps keep the temperature of the soil more even throughout the year. Mulches help the soil to conserve water, which means less scheduled waterings for you! Weed control is another benefit, although how well your mulch does in this area often depends on what kind of mulch you used. Soil erosion is reduced when using mulch and can prevent some of the compaction soil experiences during rainstorms and everyday life.


In addition to all of that, organic mulches can increase and help improve the condition of the soil itself. This is because the mulch begins to decompose after a time and feeds the soil nutrients and organic matter which in turn helps the plants that are growing in the soil to get the minerals and the nutrients they need to grow. Plants are also helped by the fact that the soil tends to stay loose as the mulch is decomposing and providing organic material to soften it. This is beneficial to the roots of plants because it allows for growth and for the roots to dig deeper into the soil.

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If you have any questions about the right type of mulch to use for your garden or flowerbed or would like an expert application, talk to your local lawncare specialists to find out more! They will be more than happy to help direct your endeavors in taking the proper care of your lawn, garden, and flowerbeds.


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