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Bermudagrass: Winter Maintenance Tips for a Good Spring Start in Cumming, GA.

Posted by Greenfeet Lawncare on Feb 6, 2019 5:26:21 PM

If you are getting antsy about warmer weather and green grass, you may be driving yourself crazy waiting for spring green-up in Cumming, GA. Dormant Bermudagrass will be waking up in a couple months. Right now, patience is your best bet for a good spring start. You shouldn’t do too much to it until the grass is growing and able to handle the stress of yard work.

If you can’t wait to get busy, here are a few things you can do to make sure your Bermudagrass gets started on the right foot.

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3 Bermudagrass Maintenance Tips for a Good Spring Start

1. Sharpen tools:

Yard work takes time, and perfect turf requires dedicated maintenance. Nothing slows down the action like tools that need to be sharpened. If your busy lifestyle forces you to maintain your yard in your spare time, make use of this down time. Sharpen your tools!

Depending on the tool that needs sharpened, a file or a bench grinder will put nice edges on nearly any tool. Shovels, spades, and hoes are much easier to use with freshly honed edges. Don’t forget clippers, trimmers, snips, and shears.

Lawnmower blades are often the first items sharpened, but remember to sharpen chainsaw blades and put new line on the weed eater. Everything will be ready to go when the time is right!

2. Edge:

Many people use yard work as a way to get out of the winter time blues, and sometimes those blues need to go away early. Once your tools are in order, you can start edging if you must get some yard work therapy. Bermudagrass should not be mowed or dethatched until it is growing in early spring and summer, so it can repair itself.

That does not mean you cannot clean up the edges of your Bermudagrass lawn. It will make the yard look better while it’s still dormant, and you’ll get a chance to clean winter grime off of the sidewalks.

3. Weed Dormant Grass:

One advantage of dormant grass is that it reveals hearty, green winter weeds by providing contrast. If your yard is fairly weed-free, a small, handheld weeding tool will remove the occasional broad-leaf. However, a bigger weed problem may require some pre-emergent herbicide. Bermudagrass is sensitive to herbicide during its growing season, so early in the year is sometimes an excellent time to apply herbicide before the grass gets going. Make sure you read the label or consult with a lawn care specialist before applying.

It is normal to feel like getting outside as soon as a hint of sunshine and warmth appears, but with Bermudagrass, you have to be careful. Don't make the mistake of starting too early. There are plenty of things to do while you wait for spring.

If you have questions about your Bermudagrass and how you can make sure it is beautiful this spring, contact Greenfeet Lawncare, your North Atlanta lawn care specialists.  Call or click the link below for a Free Estimate.


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