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Common Lawn Problems To Watch Out For This Spring

Posted by Mark Nannenhorn on Feb 20, 2018 11:04:36 PM
Mark Nannenhorn
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With the new year approaching, it is almost time to start looking forward to the next growing season and to contemplate the goals you have in mind for your lawn! In a few short months the snow will be gone the ice will be melted and grass-02202018.jpgthe little sprigs of grass are going to be showing some color as the temperatures rise. Typically, after the winter season, it is necessary to do a bit of cleaning up to help prepare your lawn for a new growth season. Take time to clean things up and watch out for any potential problems your lawn may be facing this year. Check out some of the common problems we see in lawns as spring approaches and what you can do to fix them!


Thin Or Patchy Grass

Is there an area of your lawn that has always been a bit thin or where grass does not seem to grow as well as other places? If you are noticing the same spots or thinness as spring warms up the air and the ground, it may be time to get a soil test. Some areas in lawns end up having a pH level that is not congruent with the rest of the lawn and need some correction in order to allow for proper plant growth. There may be other reasons you are noticing patchiness, such as if that is where you animal uses the restroom frequently, which can add to the imbalance in pH of the soil. After you administer the soil test, or have it administered, invest in the appropriate soil amendment and in the correct levels to promote proper grass growth.



Another reason you may be seeing some patchiness in your lawn, grubs like to feed on the roots of your grass, killing off the plant and causing some unsightly dead spots. grubs.jpgThese little white invaders not only damage your grass, but can be tempting for other animals like moles and raccoons who do added damage as they look for their prey. During the spring is a great time to check for grubs. Five or so grubs every square foot isn’t an infestation, but you can still take some preventative measures to avoid one in the future. Preventative insecticide can be used in the spring and if the grubs persist, curative measures are typically taken during the fall. Talk to your local lawn care experts for more information!

 Grubs in Johns Creek?

Bald Spots

If you have some areas of your lawn that do not have grass in them, from whatever reason, maybe high traffic, spring is a great time to get them taken care of. Bald spots are different from the patchiness we were talking about earlier, but it can still be wise to do a soil test before laying down sod or planting seed. Mark off the area until the sod has been fully established, or the seed has sprouted and the plants are mature.


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