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Core Aeration Techniques and Benefits For Your Lawn in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs

Posted by Greenfeet Lawncare on Mar 13, 2019 12:23:03 PM

Many homeowners in Dunwoody and  Sandy Springs, Georgia do their best to maintain a nice looking, healthy lawn that is at least as green as their neighbors. Everyone has their mowing schedules and their timed sprinklers set up to help with core aeration.jpgthe upkeep, but what other lawn services could make a big impact on the health and beauty of your lawn?
 Aeration of the soil of course! Specifically, core aeration, also sometimes referred to as cultivation.


What is core aeration you ask? Core aeration is a technique used to remove small ‘plugs’ of grass, soil, and thatch in a grid pattern all over your lawn. Thatch is the layer of dead grass and living stems that builds up on the best maintained lawns. A thin layer of thatch is normal and can be healthy, as long as it stays at or under about a half inch. As they say, too much of a good thing…The ‘plugs’ that are removed from the lawn are then deposited onto your lawn to allow any nutrients to be washed back into the soil. This practice can help decompose thicker layers of thatch that may be causing problems for your lawn.


Thatch, in thick layers, can be one of the biggest signs that your lawn is at risk for developing insect infestations or lawn diseases, as it gives the bugs and fungi a place to live and breed. Eliminating thick layers of thatch is important for keeping your lawn healthy and less susceptible to diseases and other problems.

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What are some other benefits of having core aeration done in your yard? Glad you asked because there are quite a few. The small holes that remain after the ‘plug’ is removed allows water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of the rest of the grass in your lawn. This allows those roots to get stronger and therefore, build a thicker and more resistant grass.


Another great reason to schedule an appointment to have your lawn aerated is that it can help reduce soil compaction, allowing grass roots to delve deeper into the ground and become more capable of withstanding drops in temperature and have better access to water and nutrients.


It is a good practice to have your lawn aerated once a year. By adding this annual lawn care service to your routine, you will see better results from the rest of your lawn care practices. Watering will be more effective as it can more easily reach the roots of the grass and fertilizer can penetrate deeper into the soil. Call Greenfeet Lawncare today to talk about how aeration can benefit your lawn and help you keep your lawn looking its best.


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