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Dandelions Are Trending

Posted by Christine Crandall on May 4, 2020 2:02:04 AM

If you’ve been scrolling through social media or search engines, you’ve probably ran across some articles supporting the formerly-dreaded dandelion. It’s official name is Taraxacum officinale, but you’ve probably called it much worse. 

5 Reasons That Dandelions Are Trending


  1. Nectar: One of the biggest reasons that dandelions are regaining popularity is the decline of the honeybee population. People are trying to turn their urban jungles into natural ecosystems that will help to keep the honeybee populations alive. This means promoting all nectar-bearing plant growth, and dandelions are excellent nectar producers. Side note: there’s a killer hornet that has recently been identified in the U.S., but their primary food source is not nectar. 
  2. Less Pesticides: Herbicides are a huge source of water pollution. This is not because people are washing their herbicides down the drain. It is because the pesticides are washing off lawns into our grey water drainage. They basically enter water sources untreated. If you aren’t treating your lawn for dandelions, you are contributing less pesticides to contribute to water pollution. 
  3. Edible: The flower, stem, and roots of the dandelion are edible. You can add the greens to salad, and dandelion tea is said to have medicinal properties. They are packed with vitamins!
  4. Deep Roots: The tap root of the dandelion goes relatively deep, which means it does not need much water because it can take it from deep within the earth. This makes it great for climates where water is sparse, so you can still have life without wasting much water. 
  5. Aesthetics: Lastly, dandelions are actually pretty cute! We rarely view these happy-looking flowers as aesthetically pleasing because they’ve been demonized as pests. These yellow would-be gems can adorn any lawn with glee...for those who view them as a positive aspect. 

Consequences of the Dandelion Trend

While dandelions do bring back fond childhood memories of blowing dandelion seeds around the neighborhood, the consequences of those seeds likely caused many headaches among the home owners. Dandelions are not considered noxious, but they are considered a major nuisance to all dandelion-haters who live next to a house without proper weed control. 

There are alternatives to letting the dandelions grow, and you can achieve all of the dandelion benefits without growing actual dandelions. Plant a bee-friendly flower garden rich with pollinator native plants. Use organic pesticides and herbicides to reduce negative impact on the Earth. Grow herbs and vegetables. Lastly, pick plants that you love. You can achieve all of the benefits of dandelions without growing them. 


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