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Father’s Day Lawn Care Gift Guide in Gwinnett, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jun 3, 2020 5:30:00 AM

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, there are many stereotypical gifts. Ties and barbecue accessories are the usual, but you don’t have to remain trapped in the typical gift buying genres. Instead, choose a lawn care gift for dad that he will enjoy all summer. 

10 Lawn Care Father’s Day Gift Ideas


  1. Smart Sprinkler Controller: If you want to wow dad with a top-notch piece of technology, choose a smart sprinkler controller. Depending on the type you want, they can water based on weather reports and be controlled from dad’s smartphone. They reduce water usage because they know exactly how much water the lawn needs. 
  2. Robotic Lawn Mower: There’s a little setup involved in using a robotic lawnmower, but once the setup is over, it is phenomenal. You can mow a bit each day or every other day. Your dad’s lawn will always have the appearance of being freshly cut. 
  3. Gloves: You may not think that gloves are a wonderful gift, but receiving high-quality gloves is a great gift. This is because dads often use old gloves and put off buying new. 
  4. Ballistic Sunglasses: Your sunglasses will protect your eyes from some flying objects. They’ll do a much better job if they are ballistic lenses meant to resist breakage from impact. It’s definitely worth the extra money to remain among the seeing. 
  5. Striping System: Father’s Day is about fun, and we often try to get our dad’s something they simply have fun with for the sake of having fun. That can be accomplished with a lawn striping system. Who doesn’t need their grass to look perfect? 
  6. Composting Kit: When it comes to composting, a simple pile with grass that you flip over every week with a pitch fork is not enough. Your dad needs a real composting system. Whether this is a worm colony or a rotating barrel, your dad is sure to love this eco-friendly project. 
  7. Knee Pads: Gardeners all over the nation use gardening pads to protect their knees, but many dads are too rugged for that. Instead, get them the same knee pads used by industrial workers. They’ll be more apt to tackle the tough jobs. 
  8. Smart Locks: If you haven’t seen smart locks, they are the next best thing in locking mechanisms. You can put them on your house or your shed. The beauty of them is you can always see if they’re locked, or you can lock them remotely. 
  9. Lights: Solutions for dark areas on property are sometimes difficult, especially if you have to run electricity to the source of light. Anymore, most lights come with a battery-ran option that lasts a long time because of LED technology. 
  10. Weather Station: Lastly, a weather station can become an information expectant in a household. Want to know temp? Wind speed? Humidity? Your weather station can tell you everything. It is the perfect Father’s Day gadget. 


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