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Garden Pests: How To Stop Slugs in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Posted by Mark Nannenhorn on Mar 17, 2018 9:38:00 AM
Mark Nannenhorn
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The pests that can really do a serious number on your plants in Alpharetta, Georgia, are slugs. These slimy little guys and gals chomp their way through your vegetable plants and your greenery with a steady gait that is to be admired by any food expert. slug.jpgHere is a quick guide to help you get to know some important things about slugs and how to get them out of your garden.


Where Do They Live?

They like a moist environment. They thrive in dark, contained places that retain moisture. You may find them breeding under containers, a stack of wood, or other things that allow small gaps on the ground and stay wet. They even like thick vegetation because the moisture is high, its dark near the ground under the greenery, and protected from the environment. Plus, there is plenty to eat all around!


What Do they Eat?

Really, they basically eat any greenery. Vegetable plants, tender seedlings, and other plants. They will even munch on the actual vegetables and fruits as well. Pretty much, if you have living plants in your yard, slugs will eat them.


How Do I Get Rid Of Slugs?

There are a host of things to try when it comes to getting rid of them. The first thing to do, as with most pests, is to eliminate the places the slugs are living and breeding. Move pots, boards, rocks, and other things that may be giving them a place to live. The next thing we recommend is trying some of the natural remedies, before you use chemicals. No need to purchase toxic chemicals if you can take care of things organically, right?


Place crushed egg shells around your plants to protect them from these guys. You can also try placing copper wire or copper screen around your plants. Word is, slugs are shocked when they try to crawl over the wire, which keeps them away from your plants!

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You can also try making traps for these little invaders. Take a shallow container, bury it up to its rim, so it is even with the ground around it, and fill it about half way with beer. This typically will kill the slugs when they fall into it, but isn’t a for sure deal.


Another thing you can try is purchasing diatomaceous earth to sprinkle around your plants. The powder will kill the slugs and other damaging insects that are roaming around in your garden. Chemicals often kill off many beneficial insects as well, so try to stick to organic eradication methods if possible! Greenfeet Lawncare does not provide slug control, but hopefully this provided you with some useful information.


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