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How To Prevent Lawn Damage From Family Fun In Cobb, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Apr 26, 2020 11:53:18 PM

Summer is a great time to spend time in your lawn with family, but many of the lawn activities available for summer recreation are terrible for lawns. You cannot prevent all damage to your lawn, but you can mitigate some of the damage by following these few tips.

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How to Prevent Lawn Damage From Family Fun in Cobb, GA

  1. Rotate Toys: One of the best things you can do to prevent lawn damage is to move large items around on the lawn every couple days. This gives your lawn a chance to repair itself before it gets suffocated by a slip-in-slide or other large item.
  2. Accept Inevitable Losses: If you are installing a large above-ground pool, know that whatever lies beneath it will die. You cannot move it every other day, so don’t even try to save whatever is beneath it. This goes for other inevitable damage. Place mulch or gravel under swing sets, as the ground beneath them will surely be scraped by little feet. This isn’t really preventing loss, but it is preventing heartache.
  3. Give Your Lawn a Break: You may have a killer game of badminton going on in your back yard, but limit your tournaments to every other day. This gives your lawn a break, and it will be able to recover from foot traffic.
  4. Consider Your Patio: Many people automatically put their kiddie pool out in the lawn when they have a perfectly good patio available. If you’re worried about it being too hard, put a rubber mat down first. This saves your lawn the hardship of having plastic placed over it.
  5. Keep a Healthy Lawn: Lastly, take great care of your lawn, and it will be able to withstand harsher conditions that come with family fun. Sharpen your lawnmower blade, fertilize, aerate, and water properly. Make sure you keep your soil from compacting and take care of any drainage issues.

Prevent Lawn Damage So You Can Fully Enjoy Family Fun

You don’t want to be in the middle of family fun time and be worried about your lawn. Take the steps to prevent damage and relax as you enjoy your loved ones. Some of the actions above require some planning and work, but they are worth the effort. Every second of time with your family having fun in your lawn should be worry-free.


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