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Keep Deer From Eating Your Fruit Trees in John's Creek! (Pt. 2)

Posted by Greenfeet Lawncare on May 18, 2018 11:00:00 AM

roe-deer-2549613_1280When deer decide that your yard in John's Creek has some tasty treats available they will keep coming back until there is nothing left. Because this can be such a big problem for people that are trying to grow some beautiful fruit trees that produce lots of fruit, we decided to give you more than one blog post describing ways to keep deer away from your little trees. Visit the first part of this blog series if you have not already for more ways to deter deer from eating up all your plants and trees.


Use electric wires.

If you want to try another type of fencing that is a little less expensive than the eight foot deterrent we previously talked about in part one of this blog series, you might consider installing an electric fence. Obviously, deer will be able to jump over this fence is they decide to, but they may well learn to just avoid the area after they have been shocked once or twice. This type of deterrent is more about behavior modification instead of actually blocking them out. It typically works because deer are more likely to try to slide under a fence or just go straight through it than jumping over if they think they can. When they get shocked they learn that that area is not particularly inviting even if there are lots of fruit trees or other tender delicacies just across the border.

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Purchase a strong deer repellent.

If you are having trouble repelling deer from your property or protecting your fruit trees from them, you may want to purchase a deer repellant. These have been manufactured using things that deer do not like the smell of, such as blood, blood meal, or ammonium. These can be found at your lawn and garden stores or online, simply follow their directions and you should see a reduction in the amount of deer spending time munching on your property.


Make your own deer repellent spray.

If you would rather make your own deer repellent, there are a few ways you can go about it. One of the easiest ways to make your own spray is to combine a bit of water and hot peppers or spices that you can spray on your plants without harming them. The deer will not like the taste of the hot peppers and learn to leave your plants alone.


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