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Move Your Bird Bath…and Other Blazing Hot Summer Tips

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jul 21, 2019 6:36:48 PM

July is largely a time to rest when it comes to your yard work. If it’s getting really hot, your lawn may be strained, and it is not a good time for fertilizer, aeration, or reseeding. It’s okay to relax! However, there are still a few things that need to be maintained during the blazing hot summer days.



1. Move Your Bird Bath

Even if you change the water daily, that water will get hot if it’s out in the sun. Give your birds the thirst quenching they need by moving the bird bath into the shade. Your bird will thank you.

2. Replenish Your Dog’s Water

Similarly to the bird bath, you dog needs replenished water, and it needs to be in the shade. If you have a kiddie pool, make sure it is filled too in case you forget. The hot weather can be deadly without hydration.

3. Mulch

Mulching around any sensitive or stressed plants will help keep roots cool and aid in water absorption. The end-of-July and August heat can really cause damage without a little help.

4. Raise Mowing Height

Raising the mowing height for your grass allows it to make its own shade. This keeps it a little bit cooler, and it may not look so stressed by the end of summer. If your lawn does go dormant, don’t try to revive it, but remember it still needs water.

5. Water Early

You should already be watering in the morning in order to avoid mildew, but now you should water as early as possible. This provides ample time for water to reach the roots of your grass before the blistering sun comes out and evaporates everything.

6. Let the Hose Run Before Watering Hanging Plants

Typically, the hose is used for watering hanging plants, but let the hose run before you use it for any purpose. Any water that remains in the hose prior to its use is super-heated by the sun and can burn whatever you spray until the cool water comes.

7. Save Your Energy for Dawn or Dusk

Lastly, take care of yourself during the summer heat. Organize your day so any work can be done in the cooler hours of dawn or dusk. If you must go out during the heat of day, make sure you hydrate. The summer heat can get dangerous, and it is definitely a thing to respect by timing your outings and drinking lots of water.



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