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Mowing And Scalping Your Bermuda Lawn in Alpharetta  and Johns Creek, Georgia.

Posted by Mark Nannenhorn on Feb 13, 2019 1:37:18 PM
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Warning : Wait to Scalp till After April 1st!!

There is Still a Risk of Frost that can Damage  Your Lawn. 



Most homeowners know a lot about mowing their lawn, some of it based on science, and some based on tradition. There are things that many people do in the Alpharetta and Johns Creek, Georgia area, that are not the best practice for lawn care, but they don’t seescalping lawn.jpg a reason to change. Other people want to know exactly the best practices so they can keep a rich, lovely lawn as often as possible.


When it comes to mowing, most people have read or heard about many of the common practices such as only cutting one third of the grass plant off when they mow. The need to keep your mower blades sharp is commonly addressed as well. There are a few things however, that aren’t as popularly talked about such as you may need to be mowing more frequently. There are lawns that needs to be mowed twice a week, which seems like a lot for those that can barely get in a mowing once a week. Another important thing to remember is that if your lawn has grown several inches or more, it is very important for the health of your lawn to mow it down in increments, instead of all at once.

How do I mow?


So what about after fall and winter when it is beginning to warm up and you are getting excited for that first mowing of the year? Anything special need to happen? There is a pretty common practice for bermuda lawns to be scalped in early spring after the worry of frost has dissipated. So what is scalping exactly? To be sure, it is a lot less scary than it sounds. Scalping is simply setting your mower to its lowest, or nearly lowest setting and mowing over your lawn. Make sure to bag when you are scalping as what you are removing is the dead grass and debris that protected the soil during the colder temperatures.

Dangers of Mowing Fescue Low


The purpose for scalping a bermuda lawn is that it allows the sun to reach the soil and begin warming up the ground earlier than it would be able to with all the dead grass covering it. This earlier warming gives your grass a jumpstart, so to speak, on greening up for the spring.


This can be a large incentive for homeowners that really value having a green lawn for more of the spring, but it isn’t truly necessary. In the end, there are many bermuda lawns that are not scalped when spring rolls around and they green up just fine a few weeks later.

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