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Mowing in Milton – Tips for a Healthy Cut

Posted by Christine Crandall on Feb 22, 2019 11:45:42 PM

If your warm season grass is nearing the end of its dormant period, you are probably excited to get out and give a good haircut. Especially if you haven’t been able to avoid traffic on the “sleeping” grass and it looks rough. In Milton, GA, you may be struggling with semi-dormant lawn. Here are a few tips to start your spring growing season.

4 Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

1. Bagging vs mulching


There are many opinions about whether or not you should bag your lawn clippings or set your mower to its mulch setting and let your yard absorb the nutrients from decay. Most of the decision should come from your thatch layer. If it is prone to build-up, bag your clippings. If you are not a frequent mower, bag your clippings. This will prevent unsightly lawns from a buildup of thatch.

2. Sharpen the blade

If you have a dull blade, poorly cut grass will be more susceptible to mold and disease. During spring green-up, you want your yard to have every protection possible after enduring winter. Sharpen that blade and have a crisp cut, so your grass doesn’t attract any unwanted foes.

3. Let it grow a little first

Don’t cut your grass at the first sign of green-up. Give it a little time to get back on its feet. Always cut less than half of the grass, so it does not cause damage to the root structures. If you’ve waited too long, and your grass is long, cut it back slowly rather than hacking it down to your wanted height.

4. Don’t start too early

Although mowing is a good thing for an attractive lawn, it does cause damage (by cutting) that cannot be mitigated by dormant grass. That means if you cut too early, you grass will not be able to fight off mold or fungus to which it is now exposed. Wait until it starts growing! This is much better than starting your spring green-up with new sod or plug placement.

Mowing can be fun, and it is gardening therapy for many men and women who take great pride in their work. They enjoy showing off their “putting green” lawn and explaining how much care they took to get it just right. Part of that care is achieved through patience and proper maintenance of equipment. Don’t get impatient and damage your yard. Do it right with these tips.

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