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Mulch is Great Weed Control in Canton, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on May 26, 2020 1:41:21 AM

One of the biggest nuisances for gardeners who have many garden beds is that weeds love them. Many people try to use toxic chemicals to get rid of them, but those pesky weeds return as soon as the chemical has dissipated. Not only that, but you’ve just put chemicals in your yard that can be rinsed into the straight and into freshwater drinking sources. This is why mulch is great weed control. It’s non-toxic, and it works!


Have to Have Inches

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to mulch applications is that people don’t apply a thick enough layer of it. Mulch needs to be about 3 inches in order to be effective. This is because mulch is meant to deprive weeds of the things they need to grow. This means sunlight! If you only have a thin layer of mulch, the sun is going to shine through. 

Added Benefits

Besides weed control, mulch has added benefits. This includes moisture retention, and your garden bed plants will love the increased moisture whether your garden contains flowers or vegetables. 

Additionally, mulch is non-toxic. This means it does not matter if it is your vegetable or your flower garden. You have safe weed control with mulch. 

The last added benefit of mulch is that it feeds the soil. Decomposing mulch adds nutrients to the ground, and it becomes a sort of fertilizer. 

Beauty or Functionality

When it comes to lawn care and landscape beautification, mulch can be a deal breaker. You aren’t likely to put straw in your front lawn garden beds. However, they are completely appropriate for vegetable garden beds. You can also choose bark, leaves, grass, or pine straw. These all have varying aesthetic qualities. It is all about personal preference, so thankfully, there are many options. 


The last thing about mulching that a lawn owner must know is that mulch breaks down. It eventually becomes soil itself, which means it will then be attractive to weeds again. This is why it is important to reapply mulches as they break down, so you keep the depth of the mulch as effective weed control. 

Mulch is easy, attractive, and inexpensive (in most cases). It is one of the easiest ways to look like you toil and sweat in your gardens everyday while you’re actually sitting back and watching the grass grow. If you haven’t applied mulch to your garden beds, it is something you will not regret.


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