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If you have a cool season grass lawn like tall fescue, it’s about time to give it a break when it comes to lawn care. Really, the only things left to do are aerate and apply post-emergent grassy weed control. Everything else is best left for different times of the year.

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If you look at the calendar for bermudagrass lawn care created by the University of Georgia’s extension office, it says that May is an excellent time to apply grassy weed post emergence herbicide. It’s probably too late for pre-emergent herbicides, so learning all you can about post-emergence herbicide in Sandy Springs, GA will help to keep your lawn weed-free throughout the summer with very little effort.

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Many people have difficulty maintaining their lawn in the shade. It simply doesn’t get enough sunlight. Most grass species need at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight to thrive. Depending on the type of tree you have, you may not get any direct sunlight. That is why it is important to choose the right grass for your shady environment, and open the area to as much sunlight as possible.

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Spring is here, and your grass is reaping the benefits of whatever soil amendments you’ve made to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs. This may be lime amendments meant to decrease the pH of acidic soil, or it could be fertilizers meant to feed your grass by the roots. Unfortunately, it takes time to get a soil test and for amendments to take effect. If you aren’t able to wait, there are alternatives to amendments, but they aren’t a perfect substitute.

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Lawn Care is Essential Amidst Pandemic

Orders to shelter in place are confusing to Americans who have never faced government requests to maintain social distance. Luckily for lawn care enthusiasts, these orders don’t prevent lawn care or landscaping industries from completely shutting down. If you are looking to have some lawn work done, you can rest assured that lawn care is continuing during this pandemic.

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Spring dead spot is a common bermudagrass lawn disease in the northern area of Georgia, also known as the Piedmont region.

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Grubs are the larvae of multiple types of beetles, and they can do significant damage to an otherwise beautiful lawn. Until they are adult beetles, grubs do all of their damage underground. Many grubs emerge as beetles in late spring or early summer, and they are very active underground in the early spring. This leaves your lawn’s root system very vulnerable to grub damage during this time.

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Moist springs often bring an onslaught of mosquitoes, and if you are a homeowner, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent it. Fortunately, there are ways to have a virtually mosquito-free lawn. You may have to engage in a few of these recommendations, but they will help to reduce the number of mosquitoes with which you come into contact.

How to Have a Virtually Mosquito-Free Lawn

  1. Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes are dependent on water for survival. They live in water during their first week of survival, and eggs must hatch in water. Therefore, if you remove any standing water, you will have less mosquitoes. If you live near a pond or other standing water that cannot be removed, you’ll have to invest in other activities.

  1. Use Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are a controversial product in the elimination of mosquitoes, but studies do provide some evidence that they work. They aren’t going to eliminate all mosquitoes, but they will reduce the risk of mosquito bites by about half. Of course, this depends on how close you are to the candle.

  1. Use an Oscillating Fan

One interesting and understandable way to get rid of skeeters is by putting a fan outside. Mosquitoes prefer stagnancy, and the simple air movement from a fan can deter them from sticking around.

  1. Apply a Pesticide

Of course, there are always pesticides. These can be highly effective, but they can also harm the environment. Pesticides get washed into runoff water and end up in our fresh water supply. They are necessary evils in some circumstances, but it is better to use more organic and Earth-friendly products.

  1. Plant Flowers that Deter Pests

Lastly, there are many flowers that repel insects. Marigolds, basil, and lavender are only a few on the list of plants that mosquitoes don’t really like. Plant these flowers, light some citronella candles, and plug in a fan. You’ll be mosquito-free in no time.

Mosquito-free is Heavenly

If you aren’t allergic to mosquito bites, then you’re still going to have a reaction. If you are allergic, then you’ll be very motivated to invest in some of these techniques. Swollen skin, itchiness, and the chance of disease spread are all good reasons to start prevention efforts. Your spring, summer, and fall will benefit from less pests buzzing around. You’ll also get to spend more time outdoors in the comfort of your mosquito-free lawn.

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The Benefits of Hand Watering

Watering the lawn is typically a chore for the homeowner. That is why so many people have invested in smart watering systems. These complex systems monitor the weather, and they turn on at optimal times to reduce the wasting of water. The high-tech nature of this has made watering the lawn an afterthought. The smart watering system takes care of it. Yet, you still see people moving sprinklers out in their front yard. Even more perplexing is the person outside watering their lawn with a hose. He or she will spend hours making sure every bit of their lawn gets a drink. Typically their lawns do look good. This might cause the smart irrigation system own to question the benefits of hand watering.

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If you have cool season grass, spring is an excellent time to aerate. Because many of us are spending our time at home in the wake of a pandemic, this is a different year for aerating. In fact, you might want to consider a handheld aerator this year. It may be perfect for spring 2020 in Marietta, GA.

7 Reasons Why a Handheld Aerator May Be Perfect for Spring 2020 in Marietta, GA

  1. Repetitive Movement is Calming. Typically, we recommend investing in a mechanical aerator, especially if your lawn is on the larger side. It takes a long time to use a handheld aerator even with a small yard. However, many people have time on their hands right now. The calming effect of the repetitive movement required to methodically aerate a lawn by hand can be therapeutic and reduce stress.
  2. Rentals May Be Unavailable. One practical reason to use a handheld aerator is that it may be the only thing available. Depending on how locked down communities become, rental businesses may not be open.
  3. Chance to Work the Angle. If you do a thorough enough job, handheld aerating can be more effective. You want to make you lawn aerated from as many angles as possible, and you can have more opportunity for variety when doing it by hand.
  4. Reason to Get Outdoors. When you are supposed to stay at home, it can be easy to remain cooped up indoors for too long. Aerating is a good excuse to get outside and reap some of the health benefits of sunshine. It will improve your mood too!
  5. Manual Labor is Rewarding. This spring, many of us are going to feel a lack of purpose as we are not allowed to go to work or socialize. Many are looking for hobbies to keep busy, but manual labor also has its rewards. You’ll be proud of the work that you do if you do it by hand.
  6. Eco-Friendly. Anything that is done by hand instead of powered by gasoline is an eco-friendly alternative. You definitely are not harming the environments one iota if you opt to use a emissions-free hand tool.
  7. Peaceful. If you have the time to aerate your lawn with a handheld aerator, and you choose to take your time, it can have a very peaceful effect. You’re outside performing a repetitive action, and you are free to surrender to the way life is right now. It is peaceful, and it will feel normal. Goodness knows, any feelings of normalcy are greatly appreciated.

Choose Handheld Aerators This Spring

When you are planning your spring lawn care, plan on using some elbow grease and reap the benefits of hard work. Using a handheld aerator will offer an opportunity for some mental health enhancement, and you’ll still get the lawn care you desire.

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