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Plant Zoysia plugs in late Spring in Canton, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Mar 21, 2019 7:09:45 PM

Zoysia grass is drought-tolerant and drought-resistant, so it is the perfect grass choice for an active Canton, Georgia family. When you are repairing or starting a Zoysia lawn, you have options.

3 Ways to Establish a Zoysia Lawn

1. Seed

Zoysia seeds are the most difficult. The seeds are fragile, and they require constant moisture. That moisture must be controlled, and the grass is difficult to establish. As with any seeding, poor weather can cause the seeds to float and pool causing uneven turf. Not only can this cost a homeowner more money in reseeding or the pursuit of other options, but it is time consuming. Most people who plant a yard want to see results as quickly as possible. Planting Zoysia seeds is not a good means to that end.

2. Sod

sod-2508873_960_720In that respect, Zoysia sod may be the best option for those who want instant gratification. Sod is a beautiful idea, and it works well with Zoysia because the plants are established. But sodding large areas is expensive! Waiting for that gratification looks a lot more appealing once you see the price.

3. Plugs

There is an option that is sort of in between seeding and sodding, and it is called plugging. This is when a yard is created by first installing plugs of established grass throughout the area. If the yard is bare, this does create a temporary, polka dot effect. However, the grass isn’t going to wash away, and it will fill in.

Plugs can be made from grass from other areas of the yard, or they can be made from sod. They are taken using a plugging tool and then placed in small holes strategically spaced to quickly fill in. Depending on how far apart you space the plugs, you can cover a lot of area with much less sod. In a couple growing seasons, your grass will be filled in, and it will be well-established.

Late spring to early summer is the time to plant Zoysia plugs. After the soil is above 70 degrees, the plants will handle the move well and continue to grow aggressively.

Basically, seeding Zoysia isn’t going to work. So, you either have to dump a bunch of cash on sod, or you can plug your yard and save a lot of money. Plugging can also be effective if you need to repair an area of your lawn, and the plugs can fill any dying patches of lawn with new, lively growth.



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