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Plants for Privacy in Sandy Springs, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jun 12, 2020 6:26:27 PM

Privacy fences can ruin the natural feeling of your lawn, but if you are surrounded by neighbors, you have to do something to increase your privacy. Planting living screens is an alternative that will give you privacy while keeping your setting green. 

5 Plants for Privacy in Sandy Springs, GA


  1. Boxwood: There are many varieties of boxwoods, and these are the shrubs typically manicured into shapes because of their tightly knitted branches and small but dense leaf growth. They are popular because of their ability to be trimmed very neatly but also because they are evergreen. Unfortunately, Georgia has been infected with boxwood blight, so you may have difficulty keeping your boxwoods disease-free. 
  2. Leyland Cypress: This is a fast-growing evergreen that is more tree than shrub, and it makes an excellent windbreak. It requires pruning and develops cones, but it is an excellent choice for a large privacy screen when multiple are planted together. The foliage is blue-green in color. 
  3. Arborvitae: If you don't like the blue-green hue of the Leyland Cypress, then you may appreciate the darker green color of the arborvitae. Both the Cypress and the Arborvitae can reach heights of 60 feet, so these are both excellent choices for large screens that provide privacy and protection from the wind. 
  4. Holly: Holly makes a beautiful hedge that can be shaped and manicured. It also offers some protection, as it has prickly leaves that could dissuade intruders. The glossy leaves and red berries make this a beautiful hedge selection. 
  5. Honeysuckle: Many vines can be grown on arbors or trellises to create screens. The honeysuckle plant is one of these, and it’s flower smells divine. Most of them are not evergreen, but there are a couple evergreen varieties. 
  6. Vertical Garden: Lastly, you can create a vertical garden that will act as a screen. In this way, you can plant flowers, vegetables, or any plant life in the planters, and as they fill in, they’ll create an effective screen.

Privacy fences are great, but they really remove some of the natural beauty from your lawn. If you want to retain that beauty, consider planting a living screen of some type. You’ll get the privacy you want without the man-made feel of fencing. It will make your lawn seem like a secret garden, and your moments there will be much more enjoyable.


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