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Prevent Brown Patch in your Georgia lawn.

Posted by Christine Crandall on Mar 11, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Warm Georgia summer lawns are a haven for brown patch because of humidity. These unsightly brown spots show up unexpectedly, and they eventually form rings which grow over time as long as the conditions are right. If you want a green, even-colored lawn, you’ll want to prevent Brown Patch in your Georgia lawn.

What is Brown Patch?

Brown Patch is a fungal disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani. It causes circular spots in the lawn to turn yellow, and these spots can grow to several feet across. As it is a fungus, mycelium may be seen on moist turf in the mornings because brown patch tends to grow at night.

What type of grass gets brown patch?

Most turf grasses can get brown patch, but tall fescue is one of the most common places to find it. Any common lawn grass, such as Bermudagrass or Zoysia, can get it.

How to prevent Brown Patch

A healthy lawn will be less susceptible to any disease, but there are other maintenance routines that can help to prevent Brown Patch.

sprinkler morning
  • Water in the morning: Brown Patch likes to grow in wet conditions at night, so if you let your soil dry out during the day, it won’t like it.
  • Mow with a sharp blade: As previously mentioned, a healthy yard will be able to resist fungi and other lawn diseases. Clean cut grass blades are less susceptible to fungus and bacterial growth.
  • Don’t over fertilize with nitrogen: This type of fertilizer will make soft, green growth, but grass like this is more susceptible to mold growth.
  • Mow high: Higher mowing heights lessen stress on tall fescue and other turf grasses.
  • Dethatch: Thatch will hold in moisture, and more moisture equals more fungus.

How to get rid of Brown Patch

Get your turf tested if you think you have Brown Patch. Bring your sample to your local extension office. If you do have Brown Patch, a fungicide may be the way to rid your yard of the fungus. It can lie dormant over the winter, so you must get rid of it by changed yard maintenance practices or chemical applications.

You can also talk to your local lawn care professional to have your yard evaluated. There may be organic solutions that can eliminate the need for harsh chemicals in your yard. Don’t let Brown Patch take up long-term residence in your yard. Eliminate it and prevent it with these simple tips.

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