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Pruning Overgrown Shrubbery in Forsyth County, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Mar 10, 2019 12:21:30 PM

Most people have let their yards go at one time or another. Maybe you had extenuating circumstances, or maybe there was a new mini-series on television you were unable to stop binge watching. Either way, a yard that lacks attention is a yard that lacks pride. Put your pride back into your yard by pruning that overgrown shrubbery and shaping your yard for success.


Early spring is the best time to prune shrubs that are overgrown...generally speaking. Pruning in the spring is followed by new growth, while fall pruning is followed by cold weather that may damage new growth. If you have to give your shrubs a severe haircut, you should expect them to start looking great again by mid-summer.

A word of warning, some shrubs and trees will be stressed and may even die with severe pruning. Keep it to a minimal on these types:

  • Boxwood
  • Juniper
  • Cedar
  • Arborvitae
  • Cypress
  • Pine

Another important thing to consider when pruning is flowering time…if your shrub is one that flowers. This has more to do with the time that the shrub buds because trimming during that time would remove would-be flowers.

Shearing vs. Pruning

Some shrubs only require shearing, which is the removal of the top growth of the plant. It could be equated to getting your hair trimmed versus getting it cut. Boxwoods are a good example. They grow back slowly, so a light shearing is all that is needed to keep them looking sharp.

More quickly growing shrubs will recover quickly, which makes them more prone to pruning, which means larger branch removal to prevent uncontrolled growth.

Look up your shrubs, trees, and hedges before attacking them with shears or pruners. You could cut off too much and ruin the beauty of the plant for the year, or you could cut off too little and end up needing a repeat performance. If you don’t know what type of plant you have or can’t find adequate information, contact a lawn care professional who specializes in tree and shrub care.

The Total Package

Another thing to consider when pruning and shearing is that variety makes a perfect total package. If you have 100 percent sheared boxwoods in your yard, it may look sterile or boring. Likewise, no structure may look wild and unkempt. When considering your planting and trimming options, try to consider the total package, so your yard has balance.

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