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Putting Your Grass To Bed: Winter Prep

Posted by Greenfeet Lawncare on Jan 31, 2019 3:00:00 PM

If you haven’t already, it is important to take some time to help your lawn prepare for the coming winter to ensure a better spring next year. winter-1976703_1280.jpgWinter can be pretty tough on a lawn that hasn’t been prepared, so read this quick and helpful guide to maximize your lawn’s ability to withstand the season ahead.


First thing to do is to take the time to fully clean up the lawn and rake out leaves and debris. Leaving any debris, toys, or other things on the lawn can increase the lawn’s susceptibility to winter diseases and smother the grass. This can make it harder for the lawn to revive next spring. When there are extra layers on the lawn, it can also make your yard more inviting to pests and insects.


Hopefully, you have had time or will have time to do a few last mowings. This allows you to lower the mowing height a level or two, getting the grass to an appropriate winter height. If the grass is really long when winter comes, it can actually smother itself and cause many  of the problems that were mentioned above. Be careful not to cut it so low that you scalp the lawn as that will expose the crown of the grass plant and can cause other problems for your lawn.


If you still have time before the first freeze, make sure to fertilize your lawn. This allows the soil to soak up some nutrients and store them over winter. This helps your lawn get a jump start next spring when the weather warms up and the grass needs nutrients to come out of dormancy. Another good thing to do before the first freeze is to aerate your lawn. You can do this yourself, but it can be beneficial to you in ways of time and efficiency to consider hiring a lawn company.


Once the snow arrives, if you live in a snowy area, most of your efforts will be spent shoveling walkways and using de-icer. An important thing to remember is that when you use ice melt or salt on your sidewalks, you don’t want to use a lot because it runs off into the soil and grass near by and an be harmful to your lawn.


Winter can also be a great time to study up on lawn care tips and lawn services available in your area for next year.

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