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Spring Core Aeration for Warm Season Grass in Canton, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Feb 28, 2019 11:24:48 AM

If you have warm season grass such as Bermudagrass or Zoysia, it is good advice to aerate in the late spring or early summer. This is because Georgia clay has a propensity to compact making it difficult for grass to get air and nutrients, but it is also because grass will build a layer of thatch that can be “suffocating.”

Core aeration means that a machine or instrument with hollow tubes is inserted into the ground and then pulled out of the ground leaving cores, sometimes called plugs. This makes room for nutrients, water, and growth.

The purpose of aeration is what makes late spring such a good time to aerate warm season grasses because the grass is almost in the peak of its growing season. This means the effects will be awesome, and your grass will fill back in quickly without any harm.

aerated grass

There are a number of ways to aerate the lawn, from handheld devices that are pushed into the yard with your foot similar to how a shovel is used to commercial aerators. Honestly, you’d have to be pretty thorough to adequately aerate with the handheld aerator. This method would really only work if you have a very small yard and are very dedicated.

The typical aeration for a residential property is done with a mechanical aerator. Some hardware stores will rent mechanical aerators, but hiring a professional is much easier. You’ll also get the job done right.

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One pass with a mechanical aerator, despite the multiple plugs lifted from the yard, is not enough to perfect your yard. Passes must be made in every direction: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Some experts refer to the goal as a “Swiss cheese” concept, meaning you really want to fill your yard with small holes that will promote growth.

Following aeration, your yard will look…rough. This is temporary and part of the aeration process. If it is too bothersome, the cores (or plugs) can be raked and disposed of. However, if you have a little patience, they will be broken up and reabsorbed after a couple mowing jobs.

Once a year may be all that your yard needs to remain healthy, but if you have a lot of traffic, aeration may be needed twice a year. That Georgia clay will compact!

Ultimately, it is important to remember to aerate your warm weather grass in the late spring or early summer if you want to have a lush yard free from fungus and compacted soil and thatch that won’t let the grass grow.

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