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Sprucing Up Your Yard For The Holidays

Posted by Mark Nannenhorn on Dec 7, 2017 12:25:00 PM
Mark Nannenhorn
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For many, the holidays mean that time of the year when lots of friends and family are going to come visit and witness your personal crazy. While we aren’t your residential cleaning column to help you in the kitchen or living areas of your home, autumn-72736_1280.jpgwe sure can offer some solid advice to make sure your yard looks just as spiffy as inside. We put together some of the easier, low-cost, and simple ways to make sure your lawn looks great this fall when all the company starts to come calling!


General Cleaning and Maintenance

Believe it or not, a simple once over with the mower to gather up the leaves can go a long way in helping you to make your lawn look fabulous even if your grass is entering its dormancy stage. Before you mow, it is a great idea to use rakes to get all the leaves and dead grass out from the fence lines and in the flower beds to make sure that when you mow, you are maximizing efficiency. Give your flowers and bushes a nice trim and dispose of the clippings and any dead flower you pull out. Go ahead and pull out any weeds you see popping up as well! Make sure to get rid of them completely so they don’t spread their seeds to other places in your lawn.

 Removing Moss in Your Lawn

Add Some New Mulch

This is a really great way to make your lawn look well-cared for and complete no matter the time of year. Watch for a sale or two on mulch, whatever type you have used, and add some fresh mulch to your flower beds, around trees, or next to walkways. It is important that you do this step after cleaning out the flower bed, pulling out any weeds, and disposing of dead flowers to keep it looking beautiful after you lay it down.


Something New to Brighten Things Up

If you have a pretty standard lawn, you may wish to add something interesting and colorful to draw some of the attention away from the dormant grass and less full flower beds. If you have a bench or chair in your yard, try giving it a new coat of paint, or finding a cheap one you like from somewhere. Stepping stones are another simple way to add something new and gorgeous to your lawn. They don’t require intense installation, but can really add a mystic and lovely element to your lawn this fall.  

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