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Suck it up with a lawn vac in Gwinnett County, GA!

Posted by Christine Crandall on Mar 17, 2019 4:32:56 PM

Leaf blowers are out, and lawn vacs are in! Blowing leaves around the lawn only to have to then bag up piles of leaves and dispose of them is simply inefficient. Lawn vacuums make simple work of leaves wet or dry, big or small, and they have many other uses.

Depending on the vac you choose, you may be sucking up more than fall leaves. A lawn/litter vac is strong enough to pick up trash in the street, so you can use it year round. Use it for messy trees that give the gift of seed pods or berries in the spring and summer. Use it for flower petals or bark that has escaped the borders of your gardens. Your driveway and sidewalks will be completely clear of dirt and errant rocks because it will be so easy to clean it up.

Even if you don’t want to invest in a mower-sized piece of equipment, there are lawn vacuums made for smaller jobs. Some handheld versions can be adjusted to be strong enough to pick up leaves but not too strong, so they leave the bark or gravel behind. This is excellent for garden beds, and those equipped with mulchers will fit a lot of material into a small enough bag to carry.


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How to Choose a Lawn Vac

1. Strength:

Are you sucking up dry leaves or wanting it to pick up leaves and trash in a parking lot? You don’t need to go big if it’s only for fall leaf use…unless you have the trees and yard size to warrant it. Make sure you read the manual and specifications before you buy something that under performs.

2. Bag Capacity:

It is really nice not to have to dump the bag until the job is finished. Look at bag capacity to find out how many trips you’ll be making to the compost pile or trash bin before finishing your cleanup.

3. Size:

You must have proper storage for yard equipment, or it won’t last. If you don’t have room for another mower, you don’t have room for a big yard vac. Evaluate your space constraints to make sure you can store your vacuum properly.

4. Mulch:

Mulching is a great feature unless you are picking up bigger material that could get jammed and stop or stress your machine. Mulching is an option on big and small vacs, but beware of the risk of clogs.

5. Price:

There are many types of lawn vacuums, from self-propelled to pull-behind to handheld. As a result, the prices very…vastly. A decent handheld vacuum with a mulcher may only cost a couple hundred dollars, but a decent self-propelled could run $1,500 or more. Evaluate the job that needs done, how often that it needs done, and then figure out how much money is acceptable to get the convenience of a powerful lawn vac.

6. Branches:

Last but definitely not least, figure out what size of branches the vacuum will handle. If you are going to have to unclog the machine every 10 minutes, you need to upgrade.

If you can try a lawn vacuum prior to buying, that is the best bet. They are a great way to tidy the yard year round, but only if you get the one that’s right for you!



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