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Summer Yards that are Dog-Friendly in Marietta, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jun 7, 2020 8:29:25 PM

When we talk about dogs and lawn care, it is typically about how to prevent your dog from damaging your lawn. Picking up dog droppings and watering hot spots caused by urine are common actions to keep your lawn healthy while still allowing your pet to exist. However, dogs have no choice in the matter. We put them in our yards as if it was their natural habitat. That is why it is important to consider making your yard dog-friendly, especially during summer months. Your dog deserves it. 

7 Ways to Make Your Yard Dog-Friendly


  1. Water: Water is always essential for all pets, but the summer months can make it a challenge to constantly supply your dog with fresh fluids. Instead of making it difficult, make it foolproof by investing in an automatic waterer. 
  2. Bed: Dogs love their beds, and there are many options for outdoor dog beds that are summer-friendly. For instance, consider a dog cot that is elevated. Your dog will love its existence on a higher plane, and it will keep it cool. 
  3. Shade: Whether it’s a tree or a sun shade, your pampered pooch will enjoy the shade during the heat of the summer. It may give you a place to enjoy tossing a ball for the dog or simply sitting down for a good old doggy cuddle. 
  4. Toys: Make sure your dog has access to a rope or a bone, so it has something to occupy its time with. Don’t like dog toys scattered all over? Invest in a bin to put them away when not in use. 
  5. Fence: No dog wants to be on a chain, but if you have to, at least make it a cable run. The better option is to put up a fence. Your dog will enjoy the freedom of backyard life.
  6. Safe Plants: One thing people don’t think about in their landscape design is whether or not their plants can harm their dogs. Things seemingly harmless such as daffodils and day lilies are actually poisonous to dogs. 
  7. Place to Play: Lastly, ensure that your dog has enough space to play. This may mean building paths for your dog to run around on, or it may mean allowing your dog to run free in the lawn. Whatever it is, make sure your dog gets to enjoy his time in the yard. 

Focus on Dog-Friendly Yards, Not Yard-Friendly Dogs

If you set up your yard to be dog-friendly, you’ll enjoy a happier pet and a more useful yard. It’s not bad to focus on lawn beautification. Just make sure everybody gets to enjoy it.


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