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How do I know if my yard needs lime?

If you don’t know what lime soil amendments are, you may be missing out on an essential way to have a healthy lawn…maybe. It all depends on the pH of your soil. Lime comes from limestone and is ground up into a powder that can be added to your soil. Lime contains calcium carbonate (the same stuff in antacids) and magnesium carbonate, and it will increase the pH of your soil, so it is less acidic. It is not a fertilizer but instead changes the growing conditions of your lawn so your lawn can use nutrients available in a better fashion.

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Georgia Piedmont Soil

If you live on the 30 percent of Georgia that exists between the mountainous north and the coastal plain south, you live in the Piedmont region. Piedmont, loosely translated, means “the foothills” in Latin. It perfectly characterizes the rolling hills and plateaus of this region that are butted up against the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Pulling weeds can feel good and feel very productive the first few times you get out there and get your hands dirty, but it is a chore that gets old rather quickly. The best way to get rid of weeds is to prevent them from taking hold in your lawn and garden. Saves you time, money, and effort if you an limit how many start growing in the first place. There are a few tricks and tips to follow that can help you minimize weeds’ ability to take over your lawn, get started with the following suggestions!

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Depending on your personality and your lifestyle, you may have previously hired a lawn care company, thought about it, or won’t even consider it because you like doing lawn care. Whatever your previous thoughts on hiring out your lawn care service to a professional agency, we have put together the top reasons we have found that people like to hire professionals.

1. Professionals know what they are doing

2. Save time

3. Stay on Schedule

4. Cost

5. Better Pest Control

6. Individualized And Extensive Services


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Soil Testing in Fulton County

In order to have a beautiful green lawn, you must feed it what it needs. How do you know what it needs? Soil testing! It is not difficult to test your property’s soil, and the results will ensure that you add the proper nutrients to your lawn and garden to make them grow.

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