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Vegetable Gardening Tips in Cobb, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on May 26, 2020 10:45:00 AM

If you are new or inexperienced in the vegetable gardening world, it can seem like a daunting task. You must plant at the right time, make sure your produce is not eaten by pests, and harvest before things get over ripened. There are all sorts of gardening tips available to help you make the best vegetable garden available. That is why we’ve compiled a list of a few things to help you make your way to becoming a gardening great. 

Vegetable Gardening Tips in Cobb, GA


    1. Raised Beds: One of the easiest ways to have a successful vegetable garden is to invest in some raised beds. This means you have total control over the soil that goes into the bed, and you limit the risk of swamping your veggies by compacted soil. Georgia soil is often very rich in clay, so compaction can be a major issue. This is not the case if your raised beds are filled with quality soil from a nursery (Note: Beware of cheap top soil that could include unwanted ingredients).
    2. Variety: Next, you want to plant a variety of plants. So many people plant all of their peppers together or all of their beans together. This is okay to a certain extent, but mixing it up results in more visual interest and increased pest resistance. 
    3. Similar Care: While you’re mixing it up, don’t mix it up too much. If you plant veggies that need similar care next to each other, it will be easier to ensure they all get what they need. 
    4. Weed: Maintenance is such a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. When you see a weed, pull it. Every day. You’re out there looking to see what has grown anyway, so bend over and pick a few weeds each time. This is much easier than waiting until you have an infestation. Pulling weeds is almost always the best way to remove weeds in the vegetable garden because there are no chemicals involved. 
    5. Elevate: Pay attention to your fruits and gords that may need elevated in order to avoid pests. Strawberries are a key contender in this fight, but so can watermelons, cucumbers, and gords be. If you can elevate, you will have prettier harvests and less pests. 
    6. Harvest: Lastly, don’t wait to harvest. There are so many people who forget to pick their veggies when they are at the peak picking time. With beans or peas, this can result in fibrous strings. With many other plants, it just results in rot and pests. Stay on top of your harvesting for better gardening results. 

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