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Warm Season Grass Dormancy in East Cobb

Posted by Christine Crandall on Feb 15, 2019 7:52:51 PM

In the winter, warm season grasses (like Bermuda and Zoysia) go dormant when the soil temperature drops below 55 degrees. This means it stops growing in order to conserve water and nutrients for its roots to survive. It will turn brown, but rest assured, it’s not dead! In East Cobb, warm season grasses will be starting to green-up soon, but here are a few tips about maintaining dormant grass.


dormant grass

Don’t Water Dormant Grass Too Much

Warm season grasses are equipped to handle winter throughout their dormant periods, which means they don't need to be watered like they do during and after green-up. Watering too much may cause mold or fungus to grow. Your dormant grass does need water, but it will likely get most of what it needs from winter precipitation. Don’t stop watering your yard, and pay attention to the weather. Water when it is dry outside. Watering in the morning may help prevent mold and fungus growth as well.

Don’t Disturb Dormant Grass

Whatever you do to your warm season grass during dormancy, it is going to last until green-up. Don’t walk on your grass too much, or you’ll end up with a matted-looking carpet of dull, brown grass from last season. Don’t dig up the grass (unless you have to) because the grass is not going to fill in. The grass is in rest mode right now, and you want it to maintain its looks as much as possible.

Remove Debris from Grass

Just like your dormant grass still needs water, it also needs sunlight. Leaves and other materials left in the yard can block light. It can also cause rotting if left for a long enough time period.

Get Ready to Fertilize

As soon as green-up starts, fertilize your warm-season grass lawn. Slow-release fertilizers work better, but a lawn care professional can direct your fertilizer choices in a manner.

Warm weather grasses are perfectly suited for areas like East Cobb, but they do have the downfall of going dormant. Some people over seed their warm weather grasses with a cold weather grass in order to keep some green year round.

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