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Why Aerate my Lawn in Johns Creek, Georgia?

Posted by Mark Nannenhorn on Jan 23, 2017 6:00:00 AM
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Having a beautiful lawn with beautiful, luscious color is something that is within your reach! Upkeep on a lawn can be a little tricky and there always seems to be a new problem or weed popping up to make things harder. 399103_362996223750813_564910012_n1.jpgThe good news is that the lawn experts here at Greenfeet Lawncare of Alpharetta are here to help you. With services and products available to maintain your lawn in its best form, you can dedicate more of your time to the important things you have going on in your life instead of spending hours trying to get your lawn into shape.


One such service that Greenfeet Lawncare is proud to offer is lawn aeration. What on earth is lawn aeration? Glad you asked. Aeration is a technique that can increase how healthy your grass is by allowing more air and nutrients to get to the roots of your grass by perforating your lawn with small holes. This process can be likened to allowing your yard to breathe after a long time of building up debris and being compacted down. It allows air and water to penetrate further down into the soil which helps get those vital nutrients to your grass’s roots. Aeration can be a particularly useful and beneficial lawn service for those lawns that have high traffic or are growing on highly compacted soil.


The most recommended process for aeration involves making small holes in your lawn and removing ‘plugs’ of soil and grass. This is known as Core Aeration and is the typr of aeration Greenfeet Lawncare provides. Another technique is simply poking holes into the ground, but this type of aeration can actually increase compaction of soil around the holes in some situations. Aeration can also help make your grass to develop stronger roots that reach deeper into the earth. This helps to fight other common lawn problems such as drought or diseases.aerated bermuda.jpg

The best time to have your lawn aerated is during the growing season so this spring (depending on the type of grass you have) is a great time to investigate if your lawn would be a good candidate for this restorative and health-promoting procedure. It will get your lawn into shape for all the playdates and activities that will take place at your house. You don’t want to entertain when your yard is not looking its best so let the experts at Greenfeet Lawncare help you keep your yard in its best condition so you can keep living your life!

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