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Why is my Fescue Turning Yellow in Atlanta, GA?

Posted by Mark Nannenhorn on Feb 7, 2019 11:37:00 AM
Mark Nannenhorn
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A common question we get this time of year is; Why is my fescue turning yellow? During the winter months we get periods of cold weather and freezing temperatures. These cold snaps can cause the grass to turn yellow.  Fescue is a cool season turf, that grows best when temperatures are between 65-80 degrees F, this is why they do most of their growing in the spring and fall.

 Dormancy can occur in Fescue when temperatures are below 50°. Fescue will stop growing when dormancy occurs. Also, be aware that a freeze and/or frost can damage or kill immature seedlings that have not had enough growing time to establish. During the months of December thru February in Atlanta, GA the Fescue lawns are typically dormant.


The Yellowing Patches that are occurring in Fescue lawns around Atlanta, GA are not signs of disease. The seedlings and mature grass, yellow because the cold temperatures stopped the photosynthesis process causing the yellowing. It can also be caused from frost damage. When the weather warms up the turf should recover.



Unfortunately this year the turf is having warm days and then freezing days and doesn’t know whether to grow or go dormant. This vicious cycle causes the fescue to use up a lot of its stored nutrients and can slow the growth in the spring. Proper fertilization will help, but consistent temperatures is what the grass really needs to begin recovery.


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