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Why do I have Mushrooms in my Lawn?

Posted by Greenfeet Lawncare on Mar 9, 2021 4:05:31 PM

If you have a wet spring or summer, you might find some mushrooms growing in your lawn in Johns Creek. These magical little fungi can be a pesky eyesore up against otherwise beautiful grass. 

Do mushrooms harm your lawn? 

Unless they are growing because of an underlying issue such as fairy ring, mushrooms are generally benign. They are simply the result of underlying fungus, which is natural when there is any decomposition. 


Mushrooms can present themselves in many forms. Slime mold, for example, is very unattractive and some say resembles vomit. Stinkhorns get their name from their odor. Whatever type of mushroom you have growing in your lawn, it can range from cute toadstools to weird, conglomerate growth. 

How do you remove lawn mushrooms? 

Actually, one of the best ways to remove mushrooms is by manual removal. Pick them, or use a shovel to remove them. Be sure to wear gloves when picking mushrooms in case they are poisonous. Never eat them! Otherwise, removing lawn mushrooms is more about preventing them.

How to prevent lawn mushrooms?

The best way to prevent mushrooms is to remove their habitat. They love moist environments, and they especially love decomposition. Don’t over water your lawn. It only needs 1 inch of water per week, and this includes water from precipitation. Use a rain gauge in your lawn to ensure you aren’t over-watering. 

As far a decomposition goes, mushrooms are often found where a tree or shrub was removed. This is because you are bound to leave some roots in the ground, and this becomes a food source for the entire fungal organism (mycelium). Make sure you remove as many roots as possible, or remove brush if that is the food source. 

Aeration can also help to make sure water and fertilizer penetrates the ground, causing thick healthy grass. Especially with troublesome mushrooms, this can help the lawn to repair itself. 

Lawn mushrooms aren’t the worst. 

In most cases, lawn mushrooms aren’t a huge problem. If you hire your lawn work done, they will probably be removed manually. This is okay (generally speaking) because your lawn is healthy otherwise. The quicker the mushrooms are removed, the less likely they are to return. They are a minor nuisance that can be discarded as needed. If you have a bigger problem, such as fairy ring, you may have to remove some damaged grass and replant. Speak to your lawn care specialist about remedies to speed up the healing process. 


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