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Windy Day No-No’s in Lawn Care

Posted by Christine Crandall on Mar 21, 2020 7:28:03 AM

There are a few lawn care chores that you need to do on nice days. Most people aren’t too anxious to get outside to work on rainy days anyway, but windy days are another matter. A light to moderate breeze might feel nice when doing manual labor in your lawn, but there are a few things you should avoid when it’s windy.

Windy Day No-No’s in Lawn Care


1. Watering: When it is windy, everything blows, including the water coming out from your sprinkler system. Not only does this cause water to end up in places you don’t want it, but it also causes water to evaporate. You need more water on windy days to get your lawn soaked, and even then, it might not end up in the right place. Make sure you turn off your watering system on windy days, and wait for calmer weather.

2. Spraying chemicals: More importantly than ceasing watering on a windy day is postponing the spray of chemicals. There are many reasons for this. One, chemicals end up on sidewalks and non-lawn areas and end up becoming part of runoff and polluting water sources. Two, it decreases efficiency because the chemicals are applied wherever the wind blows them. Three, it can be dangerous! You should wear protective gear with hazardous chemicals, but windy days will put them to use.

3. Fertilizing: If you are applying granule fertilizer to your lawn, it won’t be even if you spread it on a windy day. Not only that, but you run into the similar problem of it potentially getting into runoff water.

4. Raking leaves: You don’t have to tell most people not to rake leaves in the wind, but it is comical to watch a pile of leaves return to its original spread. If you want to do a lot of repeat work, go ahead and rake leaves in the wind. If not, wait until it is over.

Avoid Windy Day No-No’s

Avoiding these activities during windy days will keep your lawn care safer, more eco-friendly, and more efficient. If you are in a particularly windy part of a season, aim for doing lawn work in the morning, as windy conditions generally worsen throughout the day. If you absolutely have to do these activities, then do them with caution. Chemical applications, for instance, can be applied with different nozzles to combat windy situations. The wind can be a nuisance, and you should avoid some lawn work until the skies are calm.


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