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You Can Have Your BBQ and Socially Distance Too!

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jun 8, 2020 9:21:43 AM

The coronavirus has made a huge dent in the social lives of many Americans, and the summer heat has had many breaking social distancing guidelines and partying it up in bars, at the beach, and in their own backyard. You don’t have to break social distance rules in order to have fun with your friends. You can have your barbecue and socially distance too!


How to Socially Distance in Your Own Backyard

The next five tips will help you to successfully socially distance in your own backyard. These are not scientifically proven methods to fully eliminate the risk of the virus. They are simply common sense ideas that may bring you closer to your friends and family while still limiting your risk. 

  1. Use Your Deck: Invite one family over, but you stay on your deck. Traditionally, this would not seem very hospitable. However, during social distancing, your friends will appreciate being able to see you from afar. Wear masks, and use your deck to ensure you aren’t getting close. Then, converse like you normally would. The face-to-face communication will be worth it even if it is unusually distant. 
  2. Play Games That Don’t Require Proximity: If using a deck for social distance isn’t available or suitable for your socialization needs, engage in activities that don’t require proximity. A game of Bocce ball or horseshoes can be played without getting too close. Don’t play sports or games that require close contact. 
  3. Keep It In the Open: There are many reports out there that say that being in the open air decreases risk because viruses levels are essentially diluted by the space available. That means gatherings that are outside where social distancing is maintained might be safer than indoor movie nights. 
  4. Sanitization: Offer hand sanitizer and sani-wipes like you normally would tissue or a cold beverage. Make it easy for everyone to feel comfortable that they aren’t spreading or collecting the virus.
  5. 6 Feet Distance: Lastly, stay away from each other. We all have a personal space bubble, but that bubble just grew by a few feet. You can socialize and socially distance, but you have to try. 

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about coronavirus, and nobody is exactly sure how to remain safe or if social distancing is a worthwhile endeavor. That is not the point of this post. The point is that if you have a beautiful lawn and enjoy socializing with friends and family, you can visit and barbecue while maintaining social distancing recommendations.


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