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You Don’t Have to Get Rid of Your Lawn to Be Eco-Friendly in Dunwoody, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Jun 2, 2020 5:00:00 AM

Current trends have lawns facing a downward trend as ecology and Earth-friendliness become prioritized. This is not a terrible thing, as everyone should do what is best for the planet. However, getting completely rid of your lawn seems a bit extreme. You can still be eco-friendly if you make a few changes. 

How to Have a Lawn AND be Eco-Friendly


  1. Attract Pollinators: You don’t have to have a half-acre of lush, green carpet for your lawn. Instead, add some gardens to your lawn. Plant things that attract pollinators, and do the world a favor. Green grass doesn’t do much good for ecology because we keep it short. Instead, grow some flowers that will entice bees and butterflies to visit. 
  2. Invest in Electric: One thing that concerns many environmentalists is the gas usage of most people’s lawnmowers. Not only are these gas guzzling cutters inefficient, but they are noisy. Today’s electric mower does an excellent job of trimming your grass with very little noise and no gas consumption. 
  3. Conserve Water: Smart solutions are available for watering your lawn these days including smart timers and computer programs that will adjust your lawn watering based on weather forecasts. 
  4. Plant Natives: So many people go to specialized nurseries to get exotic plants that require extra care in order to grow in their new, foreign climate. Instead of planting exotics, plant natives. They require less water, and they make your lawn look more natural. 
  5. Do Less: You don’t have to keep your lawn at an exact 3-inch height. Let it grow a little. You don’t have to remove every dandelion. The bees love them. Pristine and sterile yards are void of the life that breeds environmental friendliness. Take a break from the yard work. It may not look perfect, but it will do a lot of good. 
  6. Go Organic: Lastly, don’t use harsh chemicals that will pollute the environment. Choose organic alternatives that don’t put toxic chemicals into the ground. Your plants will be more nutritious, and you’ll be doing your part to protect the Earth. 

It’s Not a Hassle to be Eco-Friendly

You aren’t going to miss out by going the eco-friendly route with your lawn care. It is a popular enough notion that there are many ways to succeed and have a beautiful lawn while simultaneously lessening your footprint. It just takes a little research and a little effort. Once you get going, it’s a piece of cake. 


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