Organic-based Tree and Shrub Care


Organic-Based Tree and Shrub

Are your shrubs or trees looking unhealthy? Many diseases and insects can affect the trees and shrubs in your landscape, or perhaps your landscape is just missing proper nutrients. Either way, our Georgia plant experts can assess the problem and provide a solution to get your landscape perking up and putting your home’s best foot forward.


Organic-Based Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Homeowners often invest large amounts of time and money into their lawns, but often forget the trees and shrubs that play a vital role in the look of their landscape. At Greenfeet Lawncare, we take pride in ensuring the complete look of your landscape is exceptional. We offer shrub and tree fertilization services to encourage growth in the root system and healthier trees and shrubs to better protect them from insects, disease, and the winter months.

Tree and Shrub Insect Control

If necessary, Greenfeet Lawncare will apply an insect control to prevent damage to your trees and shrubs. Depending on the plant and the insect, your Greenfeet professional will apply the perfect organic solution to help control these problems.