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About Greenfeet Lawncare

Greenfeet Lawncare is not just another lawn care company. We are an organic-based lawn care service that is environmentally responsible. Compared to traditional chemical lawn care we have been able to reduce the amount of weed and insect control usage on our lawns as well as save over 40 thousand gallons of water each year.

You can have a rich, lush lawn your children and pets can play on without concern. A lawn that requires less work and looks lovely and green. That’s the beauty and simplicity of Greenfeet Lawncare.

Greenfeet Lawncare uses granular organic-based fertilizers. These fertilizers help to build a healthy soil and encourage a dense root system without damaging the active soil organisms such as earthworms and beneficial insects. The result: a thick, healthy lawn that requires less pesticide usage.



“I can't believe our lawn looks so good after such a short time. We struggled for six years with trying to keep it weed-free and green and not use chemicals. After just a few months of using Greenfeet Lawncare, it is lush and beautiful. Thanks for all your help.”
Susan Bulmash, Alpharetta, GA
“Using Greenfeet Lawncare is the best decision I have made to improve our lawn. Mark and his personnel are friendly and excellent to work with. The results I have seen using Greenfeet Lawncare has far exceeded my expectations. Our lawn is green and beautiful and I love the fact that the applications are organic based.”
J. Schmidt, Alpharetta, GA
“Yard looks great! Mark has responded to all my concerns about diseases, etc. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”
L.B. Holcombe, Alpharetta, GA
“Thank you for doing a great job with out lawn. It looks so nice & green & plush & velvety!”
E. Chaplin, Alpharetta, GA
“So nice to know my kids and dog can go outside everyday, any day. No more worries about pesticides! And the fact that my lawn looks better then ever is even an added bonus!”
Helene Obst, Alpharetta, GA
“I never thought my grass could be so think and green. I wasn’t even sure I had grass at all."
Yulia L., Alpharetta, GA
“We are grateful for very friendly and courteous service, and for a marked improvement in our lawn; despite the recent weather conditions!”
Helen Muir, Alpharetta, GA

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