Products & Services

Keep your lawn Safer and Healthier with Greenfeet Lawncare’s professional services:

Greenfeet Fertilizer

Custom blended proprietary organic-based fertilizer. Greenfeet fertilizers have less chlorine and salts than traditional synthetic fertilizers. This helps to maintain a healthy growing environment and invites nature’s helpers, earthworms and microbes back into your lawn. Our fertilizers are applied every 4-6 weeks during the growing

Crabgrass Reducer

Our crabgrass reducer is included in all our lawn programs and is guaranteed to keep your lawn crabgrass free all year.

Broad Leaf Weed Reducer

Weeds that do not respond to of preventive treatment will be control with our post emergent weed treatment. These treatments are applied as needed and where needed to reduce the amount of pesticides applied to your lawn. Our weed control is guaranteed or we will come back and retreat.

Winter Weed Preventer

We apply a pre-emergent application in the fall to prevent winter weeds. These applications help to control poa annua or annual bluegrass as well as many other winter weeds.

Soil Amendment

An application of lime is just what the lawn needs. This application helps the grass absorbs nutrients more efficiently.